Teeth whitening with the use of Beyond lamp (laser, cold light) or with overlay method 600zł

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Stomatologia Estetyczna Stangel Sp. P.

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Our office:

We present four single modernly equipped dentist’s offices in the centre of Cracow. Thanks to an ideal location and convenient business hours, we are always at your disposal.

Modern therapeutic and diagnostic equipment enables us to deliver highly specialized services at the highest world level. Materials which we use for treating and filling teeth will meet the requirements of even the most demanding patients. Moreover, we have a radiological lab in which we do classical and digital x-rays, both periapical, pantomographic, cefalometric or x-rays of the temporomandibular joint.

Apart from providing typical dentist services, our staff also advise on the hygiene of oral cavity and prevention of teeth and gums diseases..

Gamadent – healthy smile is our passion!


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Gabinet Stomatologiczny Stanmed

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ul. Chmieleniec 19/U1
30-348 Kraków
12 656 34 33
79 656 34 33

Gabinet Stomatologiczny Stanmed 2

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Sobieskiego 13d/3
32-400 Myślenice
531 11 51 51
12 274 43 02