Teeth whitening with the use of Beyond lamp (laser, cold light) or with overlay method 600zł

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Stomatologia Estetyczna Stangel Sp. P.

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Service prices:


Preventive dentistry:
Examining teeth and oral cavity 50zł
Filling of cavity (depending on size) 80-150zł
Reconstructing tooth crown 200zł
Endodontic treatment:
-opening of tooth chamber and pulp extripiation 120zł
-planning and filling of one root canal 80zł
Removal of concrements (calculus, 2 arches) 100zł*
Teeth sandblasting (2 arches) 100zł*
Teeth whitening with the use of Beyond lamp 950zł*
Teeth whitening with the use of overlay method method 800zł*
Dental prothetics:
Fused-to-metal ceramic crowns 700zł (the price of gold crown depends on the weight of gold)
Ceramic crown on Cercon 1200zł
Ceramic crown 1000zł
One point of glass-fiber reinforced composite bridge 600zł
Full ceramic veneers 800zł
Full or partial denture 600zł
Cast partials 1200zł
Metal or glass fiber crown-root inlay
-single 300zł
-composite 400zł
Ceramic crown-root inlay 1000zł
Implant prosthodontics depends on individual evaluation
Dental Surgery:
Tooth extraction
-single root 100zł
-multi-root 150zł
Surgical tooth extraction 200zł
Extraction of impacted tooth 300-400zł
Insertion of an endosseous implant (biomet3i-USA) 2200zł*
Surgery (frenoplasty, oral mucous membrane, gum hypertrophy) starting from     
od 300zł
Control visit/Consultation 80zł
Removable Braces
-one arch 500zł
-two arches 1000zł
Fixed Braces – one arch
-steel brackets 1600zł
-porcelain brackets 2500zł
-crystal brackets 2700zł
Self-ligating fixed braces
(rare control visits, quick results) one arch
-steel brackets 2500zł
-porcelain brackets 3000zł
-fixed 350zł
-removable 300zł

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