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aesthetic dentistryAesthetic dentistry is a relatively new branch of dentistry. It is the answer to the increasing need for a beautiful smile which raises the comfort of life. Aesthetic dentistry deals with teeth whitening, sandblasting, teeth restoration and reconstruction and replacement of old unaesthetic fillings by ones matching the color of dentition.

The color of teeth is influenced by genetic factors and also by smoking, drinking coffee and tea or frequent eating of food rich in colorings. Calculus contributes to yellowing of teeth.

Teeth can be whitened in two ways: in the dentist’s office or at home with the use of a whitening kit given by a dentist. In the case of the second way (the overlay method), a dentist makes an impression of patient’s teeth and prepares properly fitted splints. The patient fills splints with a whitening gel and wears them for a couple of hours during day or night. The whole procedure lasts about a week.

One-time teeth whitening at the dentist’s office takes 30 to 45 minutes (acquiring desired hue of white may prolong the procedure). Teeth are subjected to a whitening substance which is exposed to special light that stimulates it and speeds up the process.