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servicePreventive dentistry’s goal is to prevent and treat tooth decay. Tooth decay is a disease of enamel and dentin which are the hard tissue of tooth. If it is not treated, it may cause damage and irritation of pulp, an internal tissue, which involves irritating pain and an exclusion of the tooth from chewing process. In extreme cases, untreated decay may become a hidden source of infection and influence whole body.

Treating decay consists of reconstruction of damaged teeth or, as a last resort, tooth extirpation. Strong and healthy dentition is the effect of prevention which is crucial for not allowing a loss of tooth to happen. Such examinations are within the scope of prevention as, e.g. : periodic examinations ( adults once every sic months and children once every three months), fluoridation, sealing, removal of dental plaque, calculus or residue and showing proper oral cavity hygiene combined with advising on a diet.

Endodontic treatment, also known as a root treatment, is used in the case of dental caries involving pulp inflammation. Firstly, the infected or dead pulp is removed, then canals are disinfected and finally, the canals are filled with a special material. The aim of this treatment is to close the canals on its whole length which will prevent penetration by bacteria and physiological solutions. Endodontic treatment is time-consuming and requires a lot of work, however, a tooth cured in this way has a chance to serve the patient for many years. The tooth is also a natural foundation that may be used later for reconstructing tooth’s crown or an anchoring for prosthetic filling.