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dental surgeryDental surgery consists of a wide range of treatments in the area of oral cavity, among those are tooth extraction, surgery of periodontium or the newest branch called implantology.

Implants are the most modern therapy that fills cavities. This restores the appearance and functionality of natural dentition. In comparison to the traditional prosthetic solutions, implants don’t require polishing of healthy teeth, minimize bone loss, keep age-appropriate appearance and give greater self-confidence increasing the quality of life.

Biomet 3i implants are made of the purest titanium which is known for not causing any reaction to foreign body or allergies. Body treats titanium as its own tissue to such an extent that the bone grows directly on the implant. This process is called osseointegration. After the healing phase, when the implant anchors in the bone, a link that is a pillar for the final phase of prosthetic work is fixed. Such a crown is fitted to neighboring teetts, so their shape and color match.

Advantages of implants:

– aesthetics of natural denture,

– the highest stability among all methods of prosthetic treatment (the stability of bridges and crowns),

– preventing irreversible bone loss which occurs after tooth extraction,

– imitation of natural tooth root,

– no need to polish neighboring teeth,

– retaining biting ability just like one would have own teeth.